Writing Strategy – Finding time for busy people

As I enter my weekend, I look for time to write. For a little inspiration, I searched the web and found this article on the Writer’s Digest. The author goes into 4 tips to find time in your day to write.

Unfortuantely, I’m not the target audience.

She was writing to an audience of writing professionals, those whose day jobsĀ is writing, not for those of us who work in a non-writing related job, have spouses and children, and multitudenous other obligations that, sadly, take precidence over writing.

If you’re anything like me, finding the time can be difficult, especially when children are desperate to sit in your lap on a Saturday afternoon. For that reason, let me share what tips I have found to find time to write/create.

  • Make writing a daily habit. Easy to say, I know, but even I have found I can get 15-30 minutes of writing in on a weekday. Here’s my schedule:
    • Wake up at 5 am (but really get out of bed around 5:20)
    • Get to work at 7 am (after an hour-long commute)
    • Lunch – this is an important time of day. I can spend my lunch hour writing if I feel so inclined, but I really enjoy taking walks and thinking (i.e. talking out loud) ideas for my stories.
    • Leave work at 5 pm
    • Get home around 6 pm
    • Dinner, play with kids, get kids into bed, read stories, spend time with wife, clean kitchen, etc. By this time, it’s nearly 10 pm
    • 11 pm. Sleep

This give me 2 periods a day to do something creative, and I try to take advantage of it all the time, even if it is as simple as looking at the outline.

  • Be ready for the long haul. Not much of a tip, but with life and kids getting constantly in the way of your creativity, you have to approach writing with aa flexible attitude. While I was just writing this simple post, my 3 year old came out of bed twice to interrupt me (once for a glass of water and once to show me a loose thread on her stuffed bear). This is going to happen, and it’s going to slow things down. Accept it but don’t let it stop you.


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