Finding the time

The problem with getting advice about writing is that the writers who podcast, write books or blogs, or disseminate advice through other such media appear to assume their audience professionals; people who have dedicated their lives to their craft and have accepted all the heavy responsibility along the way. 

For the rest of us – the office drones, the husbands/wives, the parents of young children – finding the time to write is a very real challenge. Where do you find the time to write when you have an hour-long commute, lunch meetings, family dinners, date nights, all of which require enough sleep every night so you don’t die of a heart attack?

Well, there’s the weekend, you say. 

For parents of young kids, the weekends are just as busy. Children must have near constant attention, and certainly do not have they patience to let a parent create without interruption.

Such methods of getting information about writing online assume that you are a professional writer, that is someone who has a nearly infinite amount of time to get a cake to writing. Or perhaps that you are a at least a semi professional writer; one that although maybe working perhaps works a job that requires less dedication such as a bookseller or a retail store clerk. There is not a whole bunch of information for those of us who have both full-time jobs who commute long distances, and who have wives and children. When do we have time to write? How do we organize ourselves so that we can prioritize our very real lives while trying to delegate something to her craft? I have been struggling with this for sometime and still don’t really have a great answer. Let me break down my typical work week: wake up at 5 AM, drive one and a half hours to work, work from 7 AM until 5 PM, drive one and a half hours home, have dinner with the family, clean up the house for the next day, get ready for the next day. At what point do I have time to write? By 10 o’clock I’m so exhausted from my day I don’t really have any thoughts left or energy left to spend on writing. Perhaps this is just me complaining about my own situation and wishing for something better in life but I think I finally found a way to maximize my time. I have a one hour lunch break at work and I typically like to take it by myself so what I have said to doing is spending the time to write and not just storyboarding or planning but actual writing. I have my laptop at work I can open Scrivner during lunch and I can start in my schedule I have three big chunks of time that are dedicated to nothing, lunch and commuting to and from work. Doing lunch I do actual writing her. I take my laptop to work and I write as furiously as I can for the one hour that I have for my lunch, typically I can crank out between 500 to 1000 words in my lunchtime. During my commute I can do all the planning I can think of ideas I can talk them through to myself while I’m in my car and I can dictate notes much like what I’m doing right now as I am writing this blog print to see all of this is being recorded through my phone. Sometimes at night I have an extra half hour or an hour to do a little bit of writing so I can decide then if I want to dedicate it to writing or if I want to maybe hang out with the family a little bit more. Because I am not a professional writer nor am I even a semi professional writer but really only doing this as a dedicated hobbyist, it is difficult to find the time to dedicate to the craft; however, I believe that no matter how busy you are if you really have a passion for doing something you can find the time to do it. It is just a matter of willpower.

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