Finding the time

The problem with getting advice about writing is that the writers who podcast, write books or blogs, or disseminate advice through other such media appear to assume their audience professionals; people who have dedicated their lives to their craft and have accepted all the heavy responsibility along the way.  For the rest of us - … Continue reading Finding the time


It sat in the corner, if you could call slouching in an armchair with putrid juices running down a saturated sleeve to pool on the ground in a slowly oozing puddle sitting. With eyes glazed over with unseeing death and his slack jaw venting fetid fumes, it groaned, craning its head on a neck that … Continue reading Corpse

A Cyclic Choice – Act I

FADE IN: INT. KADEN'S APARTMENT - AFTERNOON A vinyl record playing modern greaser rock starts a song. As it plays we see the apartment. A desk littered with books full of highlights and red ink sits along the wall opposite the record player. A couch that looked like it was pulled from a dumpster sits … Continue reading A Cyclic Choice – Act I